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BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Codex Craftworlds” & Boardgame Bonanza

This week on Dark Apocrypha we test out CODEX Craftworlds. Today Biel-Tan!  Plus come play board games with the gang!

BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Codex Craftworlds” & NeverQuest

This week on Dark Apocrypha we test out CODEX Craftworlds. Today Alaitoc!  Plus our D&D adventure continues – join the party!

X-Wing: Convergent Evolution in Listbuilding

ChahDresh looks at how lists developed separately can come out looking mighty similar.

Goatboy’s 40K Meta – SoCal 2017 Unbeatable List

Today we look at the winning 40K list of this weekend’s 2017 So-Cal Slaughter. Here’s the meta’s latest king of the hill!

SW Armada: Playing With Rebel Squadrons

Lets look at a couple lists I’ve come up with based around Rebel Squadrons.

Black Legion Tactica: Abbadon FTW

Hello everyone it’s BBF here again with my third installment of Black Legion tactica. Terminators and Land Raiders – go big or just go home!

SW Armada: Corvettes For Days

We are testing out a Rebel Corvette fleet today Admirals.

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Is the AM Book too Good?

Goatboy here. If you follow the current 40k meta you better expect a storm of army men hitting the tabletop.

Black Legion Tactica: Despoilin’ with the Despoiler

BBF here to share some tactical insight into playing Chaos Space Marines a new way for 40k.

HAIL MARS: iNcontroL’s AdMech List & Tactics

Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson with what I think is going to be my favorite Adeptus Mechanicus list that I will be running right out of the gates!

Goatboy’s Step by Step ArmyList – So Many Plague Marines

Get inside Goatboy’s head as he builds a mean list step by step from the ground up. It’s Death Guard time!

Stupid 40K Tricks: The Armylist With Unlimited Models

The ultimate horde has no limit.

What's New