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Goatboy’s 40K: Custodes & Chaos Lists – Post FAQ

  Goatboy here again with a set of quick and dirty army-lists. I need your help to pick a post-FAQ army to bring the pain!

Goatboy’s Holiday 40K: 7 Wild and Wacky List Ideas

Goatboy here again and instead of some half baked Holidays post I decided to throw out some weird lists I am kinda, sorta building.

Privateer: Circle Enters the Company of Iron

Privateer talks using Circle Oroboros in the newly released Company of Iron.

Privateer: Trollbloods of Iron

Privateer game developer Will Pagani shares two Company of Iron lists for Trollbloods.

BoLS STREAMING NOW: Ad-Mech Vs Chaos Knight & Runewars

FLESH IS WEAK! The Ad-Mech Codex is here to prove that the robots are our rightful new overlords. Submit to the Omnissiah’s mercy! Become a Servitor!

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Initial Death Guard List “Rick & Morty”

Goatboy here again and just like a lot of people I am pretty enamored with the new Death Guard Codex.

Privateer: New Circle Orboros Theme Force

Check out this Blackclad filled theme force for courtesy of game dev Will Pagani.

Goatboy’s 40K: Lord of the Skull Dance

Goatboy here again. While we wait for Death Guard let’s talk about how I can use and abuse my favorite model at the moment – the Lord of Skulls.

Privateer: New Mercenary Theme Force

The Irregulars are here and they’re ready to fight!

40K: The Unbeatable List: BAO 2017

Congratulations to the Brandon Grant – the Repeat Champion at BAO 2017!

40K Tactics: ATC Winner Aaron Aleong Interview

Today hear from the ATC 2017 tournament winner about what’s going in with 8th edition now.

40K 8th: ATC Tourney Meta Report & Interview

BlackBlowFly is here to talk about the spamtastic fallout from 48K 8th’s first major tournament. The results shocked EVERYONE!

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