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BATTLE REPORT: Star Trek Attack Wing – (The Uprising)!

Can Picard, Janeway and Sisko take down Riker, Chakotay and Kira?  Set your phaser to kill and  LET’S FIND OUT!This week we face off with two federation fleets.  Captains vs First Officers. I hear that Lieutenant Barclay and Troi are skulking around too… Subscribe to the BoLS YouTube ChannelGo check it out – there’s all […]

Attack Wing: Starter set Analysis Pt. 1

Lets take a closer look at last year’s Star Trek Attack Wing starter from Wizkids/NECA.  My focus here isn’t going to be so much on the physical components in the kit. I’m planning on analyzing the models and accompanying upgrades in the context of their usefulness in the game. However, to begin, I will comment […]

Star Trek Attack Wing: An Intro

Stop fidgeting and listen up cadets. I’m not letting you sit in the Captain’s Chair until I’m satisfied you know what you’re doing. Gentleben here, and I’m as excited as Wesley Crusher swapping in his unisex onesie for a new Starfleet uniform because I’ve just opened my new Star Trek Attack Wing starter from Wizkids/NECA. […]