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40K HOBBY: Epistolary Menoloth, the Lost One

~905.M41 Epistolary Menoloth disappears in the Maelstrom. He is presumed lost in the warp.~997.M41 Epistolary Menoloth, now known as the Lost One, returns from the Maelstrom with the daemon blade Walach. After extensive testing it is determined Menoloth remains pure of heart, so he takes command of the newly formed Strike Force Ostro. I’d been […]

40K ARMY: Aventine’s Lamenters

So this Lamenters army has been a long time in the making and I’ll probably never stop adding to it, but this is it, as it stands, in September 2010. It is a very large army, probably almost 6,000 points (mainly due to the ~20 HQ choices). Much larger than last time I showed it. […]

40k Hobby: Lamenters Freehand Step-By-Step

So at WargamesCon I saw Duke’s Blood Angels and they have some absolutely bad ass free hand work. I’ve done some before, but I have always been pretty conservative. So he inspired to push a little more at it.I picked a nice symbol from the Blood Angel Codex (I think Moriars banner) and added a […]

40K HOBBY: Black Valkyrie

Hans Vertigue was always known as one of the best pilots in the Helatian 3rd Air Cavalry Regiment, though also the most foolhardy. Thus it came as no surprise when he was stripped of his Ace status and assigned for duty alongside the Methalor 124th ‘Flying Hellbass’ for endangering the life of Colonel Deshaun of […]

40K HOBBY: Urban Imperial Guard

These are some models I did for a commission job. Cadian Veterans in an Urban camo scheme. Painting the camo was very relaxing, as it really just decided where it wanted to go itself. I used Fenris Grey, Skull White, and black for the camo. The Forge World veteran bits were great to model with […]

40K HOBBY: Burrowing Mawloc

So I wanted to make a Mawloc in the midst of its subterranean assault in a real, powerful action pose. The image of a its big, gaping jaws coming up from under some poor sap is classic. Tremors, anyone? Anyway, it was a quick and easy process:I sliced the Mawlocs tale at a slight angle […]

40K HOBBY: Lamenters Death Company

Aventine here, with my take on an alternative paint scheme and modeling options for a Blood Angels Death Company squad.  Check em out: This is another new unit for my Lamenters using “their” new Codex. I took a pretty small squad of these guys with lots of special weapons plus a Reclusiarch (not pictured). I […]

40K HOBBY: Pre-Heresy Iron Warrior Master of the Forge

I always really liked the idea of a Master of the Forge riding a Bike making his Conversion Beamer Relentless. I was making a small army of Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors at the time, so he quickly became their commander.The principle component of the conversion is an Attack Bike. This is supplemented by an Icarus lascannon […]