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What to Do with Primaris Space Marines – Hope and Tragedy

Black Blow Fly here to discuss Space Marines – and what to do about their underwhelming tabletop performance.

40K Op-ed: The Sum of All Spam

There’s been some recent talk about spam and I want to let you know how I feel about this aspect of 40k.

40k Video Batreps Rankings

I like to watch video battle reports (VBR) to learn about armies and as a form of entertainment. Here are my ranking and ratings of the best.

40K: Big Tourney Says: No (Imperial & Chaos) Soup for You

One venerable 40K tournament is standing up to 8th army building and saying – No Soup for You!

40K Op-ed: Making 8th Edition Great – All or Nothing

BBF here to discuss the 40K meta. A big FAQ is dropping soon and I hope GW rips into the rules with aggressive changes.

40K Op-ed: Sportsmanship, Cover and 8th Ed.

BlackBlowFly here to talk about how good 8th is and how it (and us) still have a ways to go on the road to perfection.

40K: Sportsmanship & Competitive Gaming – An Uneasy Pair

BlackBlowFly here to talk about the best and worst of sportsmanship he’s seen in competitive 40K tourneys this last week!

Ultramarines Tactics: Win WITHOUT Guilliman

  First I want to say I don’t use Guilliman and if you do it’s just another Bobby G gun line.

Op-Ed: The Horus Heresy is Dying – and MUST be Saved

Hi all BBF here with a personal rant of mine.   We need to talk about what is going on with the Horus Heresy game line.

40K: ITC Championship Mission Pack & LVO 2018

Today we take look at the new ITC Championship Missions for LVO 2018. Bet ready for the new face of competitive play.

40k Meta & Chapter Approved’s Impact

BBF here again to discuss the current state of the 40k meta and the sudden impact of the newly releasing Chapter Approved.

3 Ways to Improve Warhammer 40k Events

  BBF here again to discuss how to improve Warhammer 40k Tournaments from the smallest to the largest.

What's New