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HH: Campaign Report Southampton: Sons of Horus

The Black Blow Fly is back after a trip to the UK to play in a Horus Heresy Campaign!

Why 40K Should Ban All Allies

Today I want to talk about allies and why I’ve decided I think they need to be totally banned.

30K: Using Allied Detachments in Horus Heresy

It’s Black Blow Fly and today I talk about building an allied detachment for your Horus Heresy army.

40K Review: New Thousand Sons Worth It?

Black Blow Fly here to tell you what I think of everything we’ve seen about the new Thousand Sons.

Overcoming Chaos Space Marine Blues

Black Blow Fly discovers the surprising REAL problem with Chaos Space Marines.

30k Batrep: Imperial Fists vs. Alpha Legion

The Hydra faces down the Shields of the Emperor. Can the Alpha Legion overwhelm the Imperial Fists?

Night Lords (40k) Raptor Talon Formation

Today I bring you a brand new army list for Chaos Marines using the Raptor formation…

Getting Started with Horus Heresy Gaming

Today I have some basics to get started in 30K gaming and put together your first Legion army.

30k Zone Mortalis Batrep: Imperial Fists vs. Ultramarines

It’s Legion vs Legion in a 30k Battle Report – Zone Mortalis style!

40k Editorial: 8th Edition – How Much Change?

40K 8th edition rumors are swirling, but the big question is how much change should the next version have.

30/40k Tactics: The Grand Trap

The ability to lure your opponent into a trap can win you games. Here’s how I do it.

Horus Heresy Tactics: Knight-Errant

  Black Blow Fly is here to talk about the proto Grey Knights – the Knight-Errants and how to use them on the tabletop.

What's New