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Black Legion Tactica: Abbadon FTW

Hello everyone it’s BBF here again with my third installment of Black Legion tactica. Terminators and Land Raiders – go big or just go home!

Black Crusading with the Black Legion: Termies FTW

If you like all things terminator and are evil this could be the army for you. For the Warmaster!

BL: Read “Black Legion” Chapter One – FREE

The new novel from Black Library writer Aaron Demski-Bowden is here – and you can read the first chapter for FREE!

40K: Black Legion Chaos Legion Focus

Games Workshop shows off the leaders of the Black Crusade – it’s the Black Legion!

BL: Advent – Day 10 “Prodigal”

Fabius Bile is aided by an old “friend” – but is this a good sign or a bad omen?

Overcoming Chaos Space Marine Blues

Black Blow Fly discovers the surprising REAL problem with Chaos Space Marines.

40K: Everything Is Better With A Tentacle

The Chaos Marines are the glue that binds the grimdark together; their allure is strong, and growing by the day.

40K Lore: Ezekyle Abaddon

The Black Legion returns and so does the Warmaster of Chaos: Abaddon the Despoiler!

GW: New Releases 12-19-2015 First Looks

Games Workshop puts out a new line of all Digital Games Edition Codexes & Forge World goes Heretic!

Goatboy’s Monday – Victory by Tarpit!

Goatboy here to go into some tactics. Assaulting does many things to help you win, but most important is TAR-PITTING! I know a lot of players still think assault is dead.  I am not one of them but I will agree that assault isn’t the same thing we are used too.  So with a quick […]

Goatboy’s 40K – Chaos Space Marines – NOW WHAT!?

Goatboy here again and I want to chat about the red headed step child of 6th edition – the Chaos Space Marine codex. We had such high hopes for the book and even with the initial offerings and grumbling we tried to make it work.  Now don’t get me wrong it can be a strong […]

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts – What I Expect From Abaddon’s Secret Black Book?

Goatboy here again and today I want to chit chat about the new Mini dex/Art Book/Rantfest from GW – the Black Legion. I don’t have any rules for it and today I just want to speculate on what we might see.  It is interesting to look at because we had a bunch of odd rumors […]

What's New