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40K: Go Behind The Battlelines of Rynn’s World In ‘Legacy of Dorn’

The battle of Rynn’s World is a dark moment in the history of the Crimson Fists. Ultimately it shows the resolve of these Sons of Dorn vs an Ork invasion. But there is another side of the battle that we get to explore in the next novel from Mike Lee – ‘Legacy of Dorn’ – […]

Black Library: Coming In July

Black Library has a new batch of stories on the way for July – time to plan your summer reading schedule now!

Next Week’s 40K & Shadespire Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

Two new warbands step up to fight for glory in the blighted ruins of Shadespire. Also some grimdark to keep you busy.

Black Library: Action-Packed Stories, Humble Bundle

A Humble Bundle has come to the Black Library, grab some Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer for a good cause.

Next Week’s 40K Necron Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

The ancient grimdark robots are back and they want to claim your wallet!

BoLS Book Club: Plagues n’ Primarchs

This week from the Black Library–Jagatai Khan does battle and listens to audiodramas.

Next Week’s 40K Products & Prices CONFIRMED

This week the T’au Empire arrives on your tabletop with ALL the firepower. Get your wallet ready!

GW: Celebrate With The Black Library

The Black Library Celebration is coming, take a look at what’s in store!

AoS: Gotrek the Slayer Returns

The Fabled hero of the Old World makes his triumphant return to the Mortal Realms – Gotrek Gurnisson is BACK!

40K: New Eisenhorn Model For Black Library Celebration

To celebrate 20 Years of Black Library, Inquistor Eisenhorn is coming to the tabletop top!

BoLS Book Club – Blades, Trades, and Audiobooks

Check out what’s new in the black library–Rogue Traders, Dark Imperium Audio, and more…

New Adventures From Black Library

Dark Imperium goes digital! Plus more stories set in the Dark Millennium.

What's New