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HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #162

  My Dwarf Blood Bowl team is finally finished and I have yet another weird Genestealer hybrid in the works!

Blood Bowl: Warhammer Fest Brings New Players To The Pitch

Dark Elves have been everywhere lately, what with their spiky armor showing up in the galaxy of 40K, or the bloodthirsty wyches, khinerai, and melusai of the Daughters of Khaine, if you’re an elf aelf that likes murder, you are having a field day. Literally now, because that’s the new team for Blood Bowl.

FW: Warhammer Fest Exclusive Miniatures

Forge World will have quite the spread of miniatures at Warhammer Fest and a few are so rare you can only get them at the event.

Blood Bowl: Blitzmania II Hits The Pitch

Games Workshop’s world-wide Blood Bowl League is kicking off today. Join in for your chance to win the Blitzmania Cup!

FW: Coming Soon – Blood Bowl Bugman & Alpharius

Forge World is teasing some of the new products that will be first available at Warhammer Fest 2018! Josef Bugman, legendary dwarf brewer and Blood Bowl All-star is coming. Plus its the first chance to snag Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion!

GW: New Van Saars, Deepkin & Chaos “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop’s weekend pre-orders are available! Get ready for an invasion from all over with the Van Saars for Necromunda, Isharann Heroes for Idoneth Deepkin, and the Doom Lords for Blood Bowl!

GW: Van Saar & The Doom Lords Pre-Orders This Weekend

Heroes of the Idoneth Deepkin arrive for pre-order along side a new Gang and Blood Bowl Team! Check out these fantastic new models from Games Workshop!

GW: Blitzmania II Coming This Summer

It’s your chance at glory on the pitch with the upcoming Blitzmania II league for Blood Bowl! Do you have what it takes to take the championship home?

Next Week’s Necromunda, Deepkin & Blood Bowl Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

Necromunda returns alongside the third “wave” of Idoneth Deepkin, and Blood Bowl. Get ready for some watery plasma awesomeness this week!

GW Delivers BIG News At GAMA

The Vaan Sar weren’t the only big news from Games Workshop at GAMA – Check out all the latest!

GW: Blitz Bowl & Space Marine Adventures Officially Announced

Games Workshop has two new introductory games on the way – here’s the official announcement.

GW BREAKING: New 40K & Blood Bowl Game Spotted

Two new games for both Warhammer 40k and Blood Bowl have been spotted at the New York Toy Fair! Get in here!

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