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Category: Chaosium

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RPG: Glorantha Enters the 13th Age

Step back into the world of Glorantha as it enters the 13th Age…

RPG: Revolutionary Cthulhu and Occult Wilderness

This week–Cosmic Terror and The Terror of the French Revolution…and Occult Wilderness in Pathfinder.

RPG: Cthulhu Calls During The Revolution

This epic two part adventurer shows what happens combines two kinds of terror–Cosmic Terror and The Terror of the French Revolution.

RPG: Cthulhu Calling.

Cthulhu calls with a new grimoire that gathers together spells hewn from decades of Chaosium.

RPG: RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha

Chaosium has announced a new edition for its classic RPG…

What's New