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Category: Circle Orboros

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Privateer: New Rules & Cards Updates

Privateer shares the latest updates and errata – including some changes for Una the Skyhunter.

Warmachine: New Feb. Models Unveiled

Circle & Legion are getting anew round of minis this week form Privateer. Take a look.

Privateer: Forces of Circle Command Upon Us

The new Circle Orboros is packed with lore, hobby guides, and contains 2 theme force lists – and it’s almost here.

Tharn Wolf Rider Champion Gallops Ahead

The Tharn Wolf Rider Champion is out for Circle Orboros. She is one fast weapon elite amazon warrior!

Circle Orboros: Let’s Skew with the Storm Raptor

Today we look at how to make the new Storm Raptor skew in some weird combos for Circle of Orboros.

Privateer: Fielding New 50pt Cryx & Circle Army Sets

Privateer staff walk you through some sample army builds to get the latest 50K army boxed sets kicking butt on the tabletop.

Privateer: 50 Point Army Boxes Now Available

Hurry – these direct to retailer boxes for Circle and Cryx are limited!

Circle of Orboros : Storm Raptor is Shocking!

Come check out the newest gargantuan to hit the forest for Circle of Orboros. We take a look at this new awesome model today.

Circle Orboros: Megalith Remastered

  Circle’s famous construct Megalith gets a brand new model. Lets take a look at what makes Megalith the go-to rock in Circle.

Hordes: New Circle & Troll Minis Dec. 21

Privateer has some love for you Trollbloods & Circle players, including one very big feathered beast.

BIG New Privateer Models Thumping Your Way

The Hammerfall Siege Crawler and more are heading your way this week. Take a look at Privateer’s latest!

Privateer: Special Edition Una Skyhunter

Una’s new sculpt is getting a special release this Friday – take a look at the design process.

What's New