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40K: Why Do We Cheat?

  Cheating is more common than you would think in competitive 40K – but WHY?

40k: Warhammer Adventures – the Senseless Freakout

  In the day since GW rolled out their kid-friendly line of Warhammer books – the lunatics and the sane have laid into each other.

BoLS Blogroll is REBORN – Join Up Today!

It’s been a while, but the BoLS blogroll has been totally revamped and is waiting for you!

BIG FAQ1 Will Ruin 40k Says Gamer Who Hasn’t Played Since 3rd Edition

  EMBARRASS, MN – The Warhammer 40k 8th edition BIG FAQ has recently arrived with a thunderous roar, blasting its way across FLGS gaming tables, inciting heated debate on various gaming podcasts, and irrevocably changing the face of this popular, and much-loved game.

Pimpcron: Win at 40k = Win at Life

  Listen to this robot, he’s got a couple of millennia on you. Stop Procrastinating and just DO IT gamers!

In Memorium: A Letter from Brand’s Great Company

This month, the Cosplay Community lays to rest one of the brightest young flames in the 40k Universe. Brand’s Great Company has banded together to tell the story of this Brave young Space Wolf, and today we hear from Dyfrig of Iron Warrior Cosplay, who knew him best.

How To Properly Teach Someone A Game

  Whether it’s Shoots n’ Ladders or Twilight Imperium, Necromunda or Warhammer 40k at some point, you’re going to have to teach someone to play something easy and something difficult.

40K Cosplay for a Cause: Brand’s Great Company

  The Bell of Lost Souls tolls only when the greatest of the Imperium of Man‘s heroes perish. It can be heard by millions of people across the face of Terra. The bell rings loud and strong today for Brand, a young Space Wolf. 

Cosplay for a Cause: The Battle of the Bowmen

The Archery community at Sherwood Forest Faire band together in a yearly costumed Charity competition to raise funds for Knights of the Grail. This group provides Equine Therapy for Veterans with PTSD, focusing on horse care and grooming as well as Joust Games. This weekend is the 2nd annual event!

Tabletop Deep Thought: How Many Games & Minis Are Never Used?

I’ve been doing some polls of gamers and came to a shocking conclusion that a giant amount of the industry’s games are NEVER used!

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Illisia Cosplay

We’re featuring a Cosplayer who portrays a wide array of strong heroines in her work!

40K Op-ed: GW Isn’t the Emperor and it’s Not Heresy to Question Them

Today we dive into touchy issue within the 40k community and hopefully bring us closer to fixing it!

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