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Privateer Batrep: Haley2 vs Witch Coven

Haley takes on the Witch Coven in the quarter final match at the Nova Open – courtesy of Way of the Swan.

New Warmachine-Hordes Models Unveiled

Privateer Just unveiled 4 new models. Protectorate, Cryx, Skorne & Cygnar all get some love.

Cryx: Seether / Inflictor Warjack 101

  Cyrx’s newest jack kit just hit the shelves. Let us take a look at whats inside and how it works on the tabletop.

Privateer: New Edition List Building – Cryx

This themed army list is perfect for a casual pick up game with friends. Take a look…

Warmachine: Cryx Second Looks

Take a second look at these two Cryx Warcasters for Warmachine.

Unboxing: Carrion Thralls & Inflictor/Seether Cryx Kits

Come check out the new Cryx releases – The Carrion Thralls & The Inflictor/Seether Combo Kit!

New Warmachine / Hordes Starters Hit Stores

Privateer has two awesome starter boxes for V3 on the shelves this week.  Get your wallet ready.

Warmachine: Cryx Battlebox Review

  The new Warmachine battleboxes have come out and today we are looking at the Cryx battlegroup.

Privateer: New Warmachine Minis Hit Retail

Take a look at the latest Warmachine/Hordes minis to hit the store shelves!

Privateer: Designing Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius

The dreaded pirate has gotten an upgrade for MkIII – take a look at how Privateer brought him to (un)life!

Cryx Deneghra2 Resculpt & V3 Review

Denny2 is back and she’s rocking an all new wardrobe. Here’s how she works in PRIME.

Cryx Colossals : Two Sinister Lists

  In honor of the new kit being released we’ve some new edition lists including the awesome Cryx colossals!

What's New