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Arkham Horror Novellas To Dive Into

Fantasy Flight Games is expanding their Arkham Horror Files universe with some great Lovecraftian Fiction.

RPG: Revolutionary Cthulhu and Occult Wilderness

This week–Cosmic Terror and The Terror of the French Revolution…and Occult Wilderness in Pathfinder.

Delta Green: Viscid

Freshly declassified casefiles here, get ‘me while they’re hot. Check it out folks!

2017 – Best RPG – Winner

Five RPGs enter…five RPGs leave, because this isn’t the Thunderdome. There is only one winner though.

2017 Best RPG Nominees

2017 was a good year for RPGs. Come and see our top 5 for the year.


Come play the modern-day Cthulu style RPG system, Delta Green! Join the party with the BoLS Twitch RPG crew.

FFG: Unmasking the Masks of Nyarlathotep

Nyarlathotep is the opener of the ways. Now the terror of a classic adventure comes to Eldritch Horror.

RPG: Cthulhu Calling.

Cthulhu calls with a new grimoire that gathers together spells hewn from decades of Chaosium.

BoLS Board Game Bonanza – Fate of the Elder Gods

The BoLS crew try to summon Great Cthulhu. Hoo boy.

Board Game Spotlight: Cthulhu Wars

There’s still around a week left to pledge to the latest Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter, and here’s why you should consider doing so!

Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: July 19th

Old Ones and other forgotten horrors- Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!

Cthulhu Dark wakes from Deathless, Dreamless Slumber

The stars are right. Cthulhu Dark’s kickstarter campaign nears its end. Join now, ere the hour grows too late.

What's New