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Warmachine/Hordes: Late May Releases Unboxed

For late May Privateer Press has three new plastic kits for us. First up it’s a new breed of Argus: the Moonhound. Unlike previous Argi kits, this one is only two pieces. I can’t help but grin a little bit at the way the peg for the usual long furry Argus tail has become a […]

Warmachine: Early May Releases Unboxed

There are some really cool things headed your way very soon from Privateer Press.  One of the final Convergence releases will be on store shelves before you know it. It’s the Enigma Foundry. I was expecting the large piece to be resin, but nope all metal. I love this bit. I like to imagine what […]

Warmachine/Hordes: January Releases Unboxed

It’s that time again. Let’s see what January had in store from Privateer Press.  So many pretty pictures!!! Let’s do plastic kits first. The Retribution get new resculpted plastic Houseguard Riflemen this month. Here’s everything you’ll find in the box. A close-up of one of the Riflemen. And another. There is some flash on these […]

NEWS: Convergance of Cyriss Warmachine Faction!

Privateer Press unveils Convergence of Cyriss, a new faction for WARMACHINE! Convergence emerges at 2013 Lock & Load GameFest.  More within. Well look at that!  An entirely new faction for Warmachine.  The clockwork – Art-Deco inspired Convergence of Cyriss. What I’m really liking about this faction is it further reinforces the creative bent of Privateer’s […]