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BoLS: STREAMING NOW – “Dark Angels Q&A – Angels of Death Game”

This week on Dark Apocrypha – we start with a talk show and put Codex Dark Angels through its paces with a Dark Angels vs Blood Angels battle!

40K: The Warlord Traits Of The Dark Angels

Time to expose the secrets of the Dark Angels from the top – check out their Warlord Traits!

Goatboys 40K: Fast and Furious Angels of the Dark!

Goatboy here again with another quick codex look and nasty list for the Dark Angels book.

40K: Dark Angels Codex – First Looks

Come take a look inside the Dark Angels Codex.

40K: New Angles of Darkness

Take a look at the new unit from the new Dark Angels Codex–the Talonmaster in a Landspeeder.

GW: Pre-Orders December 9 “Pricing & Links”

The Dark Angel’s Pre-Orders have arrived! The Angels of Caliban await…

40K Lore: Who is Luther of Caliban

Savior, Commander, Traitor, Betrayed…Who is Luther of Caliban?

GW: Pre-Orders December 9 “Dark Angels”

The Dark Angels have returned to cause mysterious mayhem across the grimdark!

40K: The Dark Angel’s Final Secret

The Dark Angels have some big secrets – but this one could rock The Rock!

Next Week’s Dark Angels & Minis Prices & Products CONFIRMED

The sinister Dark Angels and a ton of Unforgiven products are coming this weekend. Get your wallet ready!

40K: Dark Angels Rules Unmasked

GW rips the hooded cloak of treachery off some of the Dark Angels’ new rules. Check out Stratagems, Psychic Powers, and more!

Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Pathfinder Plus Warmachine Latest

Lots of Angels of Death minis and news this weekend, plus a lot for the RPG fans out there. Take a look.

What's New