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40K: Drukhari Movement Tips & Tricks

This is a quick article on some tips and tricks when it comes to vehicle-heavy play.  As you can see in a lot of my lists, it has a lot to do with vehicles.  However, in order for DE players to get the most out of their vehicles and the units inside them, you have […]

40K: Drukhari HQ Powerful Builds

HERO returns with a few choice Drukhari HQ options that just might tip the tides of battle in your next game. Come see his picks for Powerful HQ Builds for the Drukhari.

40K: Don’t Lose Focus When Building Your Drukhari List

HERO is back at it with some old school advice for the new school of Dark Eldar. Buckle-up because Drukhari Class is in session!

Goatboy’s 40K Quick and Dirty – Dark Eldar Triad Thoughts

  Goatboy here again with a quick Drukhari new hotness list break down/thought process/verbal nonsense for the week.

Tabletop Gallery: “Return of the Raider”

“What’s Old Is New Again”

40K Lore: The Reaver Jetbikes of the Drukhari

Sometimes you just gotta go fast. And sometimes fast ain’t fast enough to escape the fury that is the Drukhari Reavers! Loremasters, today we look at the deadly jetbikes raiders from the Dark City – Don’t forget your seatbelt.

40K: Drukhari Are The First Book To Innovate In 8th Edition

The Drukhari book is out, and after reading and playing with it, it feels like the first book to really “get” 8th Editon.

Codex Drukhari Review – The Agents Of Vect – FTN

We get right down to business talking about Codex Drukhari with Troop and Ricky.  We spend a lot of time speaking about Wytches because they pack QUITE a punch.

Goatboy’s 40K – The Bad Touch of Dark Eldar

Goatboy here again and I have a real love/hate relationship with the Dark Eldar.

40K Lore: Wych Cults of the Drukhari

Wych Cults are bloodthirsty cabals (bot not kabals) of gladiatorial fighters. With a lust for combat, and particular skill in entertaining the masses with their violent displays of martial prowess and daring jetbike races, the Hekatarii help keep the appetites of the Drukhari sated.

40K Lore: The Haemonculi Covens

Loremasters, today we delve deep into the twisted Dark City of Commorragh to learn of the Haemonculi Covens. Steel yourself for they have such sights to show you.

40K: Tricks of the Drukhari (That Will Probably Get FAQ’d)

The new Drukhari book is out and about in the wild and people are already exploring the tricks these deviant elves can pull. Let’s take a look at just a couple.

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