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40K: Unboxing The Plague Marines

The new Plague Marine Models are pretty sick.

New Death Guard Putrefier, Plague Marines Old School Style

We have some gorgeous new Death Guard Miniatures done up in Old School Style.

Unboxing The Biologus Putrifier

Join us as we wade into the Biologus Putrifier’s new kit!

Dark Apocrypha: T’au T’emptations

The T’au have uncovered an artifact of ancient power…can they stand the temptation to use it or will the greater good falter?

Next Week’s 40K Prices & Products CONFIRMED

The Death Guard Plague Marines shuffle into view – sure to spread famine to your wallet.

40K Unboxing: The Tallyman & Plague Surgeon

These two new characters have got the right stuff to make your Death Guard hang tough. Come check out the Tallyman & Plague Surgeon.

40K: New Deathguard Releases – Plague Marines & Putrefiers

Take a look at what’s coming next week for the Death Guard, Plague Marines and their Biologous Putrefier.

40K: New FAQs for Death Guard & Ad-Mech

New FAQs, errata, clarifications and more for Death Guard, Ad-Mech, and Imperial Knights.

Unboxing: Foul Blightspawn

The Foul Blightspawn brings the stink! Come take a look inside the box of this new Character for the Death Guard!

Next Week’s 40K Prices & Products CONFIRMED

The Death Guard heavy hitters arrive – along with the ASTRA MILITARUM!

Tabletop Spotlight: Ad Mech Codex & Cards Plus Deathshroud

The Adeptus Mechanicus Codex and Datacards are out in stores now – see what you can expect in the book. Plus we take a look at the Deathshroud!

Unboxing The Death Guard Blightlords

The Blightlords are here. We open them up, unleashing virulent disease upon the BoLS crew, but some cool minis for you.

What's New