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Become a Mad Man in a Box in ‘Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks’

Gallifrey is under attack from the Daleks! It’s up to you, and yourself, and yourself before that, and maybe one more of yourself to take on the challenge!

Warlord’s Iconic Daleks are EXTERMINATING in the New Year

Warlord’s first Doctor Who release of 2018 features two iconic Daleks and Genesis Ark ship. Check em out!

Geekery: The 13th Doctor has Arrived

Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor ends in a contemplative Christmas special.

Space Marines New Minis, Lock & Load Reveals & FFG

What a weekend! From Primaris mini reveals, to X-Wing, so much from Lock & Load 2017 and a controversial 13th Doctor.

Doctor Who: New Missy & The Cybermen Set

Upgrade your Cyber Legion with this new Doctor Who: Exterminate! expansion!

Doctor Who: New Cybermen Collection

Cybus Industries’ creations are invading the tabletop!

Doctor Who Goes 4-Player

GaleForce 9 is giving you even more Doctors in their upcoming boardgame: Dr. Who: Time of the Daleks.

Doctor Who: Pre-Order Exterminate! Minis Game

Pit two of the Doctor’s most notorious foes – the Daleks and Cybermen – against one another in this frenetic game.

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

New minis based on characters in this year’s Christmas special are on pre-order from Warlord Games!

Daleks Added to Dr. Who Miniatures Game

EXTERMINATE!!! – on the tabletop that it. Take a look at the plastic Daleks coming to Warlord’s Dr. Who minis game.

What's New