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Dreadball 2.0 – Changes & Updates

Mantic is back with a new edition of Dreadball – it’s faster and more action packed than ever before!

‘Dreadball’ Returns As The Most Brutal Fast-Paced Sports Game

Take to the pitch with either the nimble Moon Tree Sharks or as the juggernaut Draconis All-Stars in the Dreadball core box set.

Mantic Games: Dreadball Second Edition Pre-Orders Up

The Futuristic Sports Game is back with new teams, new rules and a new edition!

Mantic: Price Shifts In The Future

Mantic has a new announcement about it’s pricing moving forward.

Mantic: Watch Dreadball 2.0 Played

Mantic shows off the new edition by playing a full game for the fans!

Mantic: The Year So Far & What’s Up Next

Ronnie updates us on Mantic’s Kickstarters, the KoW summer campaign, and more….

Dreadball 2.0: Big changes and Improvements

Mantic is spilling the beans on what’s coming your way in the days ahead.

Dreadball: Final Playtest Packet Released

Help shape the future of the Galaxy’s best sport!

Mantic: Dreadball 2 in 2017

Mantic talks about how to get in on the 2017 action and playtesting for the upcoming Dreadball 2.

2017 is Going to Be a Big Year for Mantic

2016 has been a great year for Mantic, and it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be even better!

Dreadball 2: Playtest Teams Added

Six new teams to put out on field – check them out!

Dreadball 2: New Playtest Teams

There’s a new playtest packet for Dreadball 2 available!

What's New