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40K RUMORS: A New Aeldari Codex by Year’s End

  You heard that right. Get in here for the latest whispers spreading across the 40K rumorsphere.

GW: New Pre-Orders – Harlequins & Webway “Pricing & Links”

A new challenger from the Webway has appeared! The Harlequins are here and they are bringing the Webway Gate with them!

GW: New Pre-Orders First Looks -The Harlequins Are Here

The Players are assembled and the mysterious dance of the Harlequin Troupe is about to begin. Codex Harlequins are out and they are bringing a few friends along for the show.

40K: Harlequin Codex First Thoughts & Deep Dive

It’s that time again – we rolled up our sleeves and dove head first into Codex: Harlequins! Can these killer clowns hang with the GrimDark in the new edition? Let’s find out.

40K Loremasters: Arhra, the Fallen Phoenix

Today we look at one of the dark mysteries of the Aeldari – The Lost Phoenix Lord, The Father of Scorpions – Arhra.

40K Hidden in Plain Sight – Eldar Avatar Edition

    Tease me once, shame on you. Tease me twice… shame on me. Eldar Avatars keep popping up in the most interesting places.

40K Lore: The Webway And You – An Illustrated Primer

The Webway is a wonder of the Imperium, even if it is swarming with Aeldari, Dark Aeldari (sometimes called Drukhari or Spike Elves), and the occasional party of Thousand Sons. Let us look at this marvel of technology that allows mortals to thumb their nose at gods.

GW: Drukhari Pre-Orders Pricing & Links

Games Workshop has a new batch of Drukhari releases as well as a limited edition “Eldar Collection” – check it out!

40K: LVO Shows No One Knows How To Deal With Ynnari

Ynnari are the kings of the meta, and no one knows how to stop them.

Tabletop Gallery “Saim-Hann Parking Lot”

“Don’t scratch the paint!”

STREAMING NOW – “Codex Custodes – Custodes vs Eldar Game”

Today on Dark Apocrypha – we put Codex Adeptus Custodes through its paces with battle vs Craftworld Eldar!

Dark Apocrypha: Chaos Codex Celebration Cavalcade and Carnival

Come join the BoLS Crew as we take the Chaos Daemons Codex and pit it against three different armies to show you how it holds up.

What's New