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40K: How To Fix Dark Reapers

So I hear we got a Dark Reaper problem…

40K Meta – Houston, We have a Dark Reaper Problem

Eldar Dark Reapers are kings of the hill in the 40K meta – but they have strayed a long way from their origins.

40K: 10 Codexes in 6 Months – GW Did It

True to their word, GW managed to knock out 10 Codexes in 6 Months. 8th Edition Keeps on Rolling.

40K Deep Thought: GW Needs To Kill Off The Eldar

It’s time for the Craftworlds to meet their end, Squat style.

Stupid 40K Tricks: The Ynnari Two-Step

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the dance floor the Aeldari are up to their old tricks again – but this move takes two to tango!

Dark Apocrypha 40K: Codex Eldar Week

This week we put the new ELDAR Codex through the wringer. Turns out, you should still hate the Eldar.

Will Eldar Be Codex Wave Serpent Again – FTN

Eldar will see the table again.  We talk about the Fire Prisms and Wave Serpents this episode and highlight a few more psychic powers and strategems.

Tabletop Spotlight: Craftworld Releases

Games Workshop has some new goodies for Craftworld Eldar players – come take a quick look at the releases!

BoLS Weekend Cheating Space Elf Restream

On the Weekend Restream, we’re delving into the new ELDAR Codex! You got questions, we’ve got Space Elves.

BoLS Weekend Restream: Eldar Codex Week

It’s the BoLS Weekend Restream and this week we busted out the new ELDAR Codex!

40K: Our 5 Favorite Eldar Relics

The Eldar are getting 13 new Remnants of Glory (aka relics) and we’ve filtered through them to pick out 5 that we can’t wait to try out!

40K: The Warlord Traits of the Eldar

The Eldar have 11 Warlord traits to work with – come take a look at them and see what they can do!

What's New