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Category: Fantasy (Generic)

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New Skeletons from Neptune Studios have Plenty of Character

Get an exclusive preview of the first stretch goal model here on BoLS!

Dungeon Saga: Eye of the Abyss Expansion Available

Dungeon Saga’s newest expansion is out and ready for action!

Tabletop-Art’s Cobblestone Bases Look Smooth

Dress up your fantasy miniatures with some old world charm.  These bases are just the thing!

Cosplay Communities: The Archers of Sherwood Forest Faire

Welcome to Sherwood Forest Faire, where Archery is used as a medium for Cosplay and Community Outreach.

Shapeways 3-D Printed Dice, Bits, Minis, and More

The BoLS Crew highlights some of the 3-D printed goodness from Shapeways.

Raging Heroes: WarStages Terrain Looks Amazing

This detailed terrain is sure to add high drama to your games – from massive battles to skirmishes.

New Fantasy Elf Mini from Siren Miniatures

This elf packs a huge sword!

Tabletop Spotlight: Kharnage

It is a time of Glory, Honor and a whole lot of bloodshed – Come check out Kharnage!

New Female Heads from Statuesque

Bring some ladies to your tabletop – with the latest from Statuesque.

Kromlech: New Chaos Legionary Banners

Honor the dark gods with a set of tainted banners to spice up your heretical army.

Raging Heroes: New TGG Lust Elves Box

Four more gorgeous models from the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 KS are available – with free shipping!

Raging Heroes: New Awesome Sisters Models

Raging Heroes releases their first Sisters models! Free Shipping extended to Wednesday April 12th!

What's New