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Star Wars Legion Snow Troopers Come In From The Cold

  Snowtroopers are equipped for action in extreme environments. With special armor that allows them to survive in temperatures of -60 degrees, they are hardy–and they come with special weapons to help them take out Rebel Scum no matter where they hide. Take a look.

Arkham Horror TCG: The Cultist Uprising

Fantasy Flight Games upcoming ‘Return to the Night of the Zealot’ upgrade expansion is coming to bring the madness soon. With it’s release, Players will have the chance to grab some new gear. But the Investigators aren’t the only ones getting upgrades…

FFG New Releases: Sanctum of Twilight & Promise of Power

Mansions of Madness gets a brand new expansion and the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game is out now. It’s the end of an era and the launch of a new adventure!

FFG: ‘Realms of Terrinoth’ Now Available For Genesys RPG

The first campaign setting book is now available for FFG’s Genesys RPG. ‘Realms of Terrinoth’ is your guide to the Fantasy Setting where games like Runewars and Descent take place. Get ready for an Adventure in the fantastical Terrinoth!

FFG: Star Wars Hyperspace Report Event at Worlds Announced

  Fantasy Flight Games has announced a special presentation that will cover new products for their Star Wars related lines – leaving fans guessing at what’s coming up.

FFG: Mansions of Madness Gets A New Video Game

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the first new video game from Asmodee Digital – get ready to face the all digital un-reality of Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace!

Arkham Horror TCG: Dangers of The Forgotten Age

Fantasy Flight Games is back with more info on the upcoming Arkham Horror The Card Game expansion ‘The Forgotten Age’ – today we’re diving into the jungle to learn about some of the new rules and mechanic tweaks that are coming to test your resolve.

FFG: Star Wars: Imperial Assault New Expansions, Allies, & Villains

There is a brand new wave of goodies for Imperial Assault! The Tyrants of Lothal expansion is heading your way PLUS Four brand new Ally and Villain packs all with ties to a certain Rebel TV show!

FFG: L5R Rules Update Out Now

Legend of the Five Rings has a brand new rules update available. Check out the latest changes in the Emerald Empire of Rokugan!

Star Wars: Destiny – The Dice That Bind

Fantasy Flight Games has 3 sweet new binders to help you keep your Star Wars: Destiny collection locked-in.

FFG: New L5R, Netrunner, & Game of Thrones Releases

Fantasy Flight Games has a trio of new releases for their popular LCGs – swear allegiance, Gear up, and ‘get gud’ with these new releases!

Star Wars Armada: Rules Update & FAQ

Fantasy Flight Games has issued a new Star Wars: Armada Rules Update & FAQ. This errata includes some clarifications, updates, and some minor changes to the game. Come take a look at how your Armada Battles are going to change on the tabletop!

What's New