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Finance: GW’s Half-Year Trading Update Surprise

Has GW turned it around? They put out a trading update on their sales and performance for the first half of their fiscal year.  Take a Look.

Gamers: Big Shipping Delays Coming

Get ready for a rocky holiday season. One of the worlds major shipping companies just went belly up.

GW Financials: “Source of Extreme Frustration”

Professional Investment writer Richard Beddard is back with more thoughts about GW’s financial reports.

GW: The Financial Analysts Weigh In

Questor has some tough love for Games Workshop – and advice for risk-taking investors.

Games Workshop – 2015-16 Annual Financials

The annual numbers are out.  Take a look at how GW did this past year. Fasten your seatbelts.

UK Votes “Leave”- BREXIT And Tabletop Gaming

  The BREXIT vote is over and the world (including the gaming industry) is waking up to a new reality.

Finance: Games Workshop Annual Update

GW’s 2015/2016 fiscal year is behind them and here is a quick update from the company on how they fared:

UK Pound Crashes – Lowest Level vs Dollar in 7 Years!

Fellow gamers – that means the time to buy UK goods for Americans – IS NOW!

Financial Analyst – Falling Out of Love with Games Workshop

This market analyst is not optimistic about investing in GW…

CMON Secures 5 Million in Financing

Cool Mini or Not has just announced their first round of investment from a Singapore asset management company.

Investment Service: “GW In Denial”

  Professional investment writer Richard Beddard is back is some tough love for GW’s latest half year performance report.

GW: Half-Year Financials OUT!

Games Workshop’s Half-Year numbers are out – Get ready for a bumpy ride!

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