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Harlequin Codex Review – Fast And Deadly: FTN

You guys know I love Harlequins.  Dive into their new codex with big point reductions and major changes to their weapons.

Come To More Tournaments!! – FTN

We get back to our roots here and talk about some upcoming tournaments and how to prepare for them.

Open The Omega Vault – Codex Deathwatch Review: FTN

Codex Deathwatch is here!  We’ll see two elite style armies coming out in May and Deathwatch is the first!

Did The FAQ Change Your List And Special Segment With CMON: FTN

Today we talk a bit about mission design and how the overall state of hobby in your area could effect your tournament scene.

The BIG FAQ And Revenge Of The Beta Rules – FTN

The long-awaited FAQ is here and it’s glorious.  The very core of matched play has been changed and I think it’s changed for the better.

Codex Drukhari Review – The Agents Of Vect – FTN

We get right down to business talking about Codex Drukhari with Troop and Ricky.  We spend a lot of time speaking about Wytches because they pack QUITE a punch.

Necron Codex Review Part 1 & Adepticon Recap – FTN

We kick the show off talking about the major changes in the Necron units.  This codex is full of very appealing units. It will be difficult to settle on the ‘perfect’ list.

40K: Tau Codex Review – Revenge of the Stormsurge – FTN

This episode is all about Codex Tau. Enjoy the show, AND THE STORMSURGES!

40K: Tau Codex Review – Riptides are BACK! – FTN

This episode is all about Codex Tau. Enjoy the show, AND THE RIPTIDES!

40K: Are Chess Clocks the Answer? – FTN

This episode talks Black Templars, Eldar, Daemons & killing slow play with chess clocks.

Tournament Prep, Shapeways & Adepticon Interviews – FTN

This episode kicks off with hobby talk, then two special interviews – a Shapeways community manager and Matthias Weeks from Adpeticon.

Culture Crafting 40k Tournaments, Shadespire & Necromunda – FTN

Organizers are empowered to try new things at events.  Enthusiasm for matched play is at an all time high people WANT to come to events.

What's New