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40k: Codex Daemon Big Changes – FTN


Dive deeper into Codex Chaos Daemons.  We talk changes such as Flesh Hounds, Pink Horrors and Slaanesh.

40k: Codex Daemon Review – FTN


Codex Daemons is GREAT. In many ways it is 4 codexes in one. Let’s dive in!

40K Chapter Approved & Hobby Goodness: FTN

We run down the changes from Chapter Approved 2017. We also have two hobby segments in this episode.

Deck The Halls With Red And Green Army Lists: FTN


Today we talk about army list choices and ‘why’ you would take certain things over others – with Blood Angels and Dark Angels as examples.

Dark Angel Codex Review – What the Rock is Cooking – FTN


Codex Dark Angels is here, making this a very Angels of Death Holiday Season. We take our first pass at the codex.

Blood Angels Codex Review – FTN

We can’t contain our excitement about this new codex.  You guys know we are huge Blood Angel fans so getting a hold of this codex is a dream come true.

How To Win A Grand Tournament : FTN


Planning for big tournaments is hard.  Between the rules, differences in format and regional play styles it’s a lot to think about.

LVO and Adepticon Prep: How to Plan For Tournaments – FTN


We’re back to 40K Fundamentals in this episode. We start off with Warzone: ATL recaps and move onto tournament prep.

Tyranid Codex Review Deep Dive – FTN

We get pretty deep into the Tyranids again this episode.  We focus more on the tactics side but still find time to highlight some of the cool new units.

The Great Devourers Return – Tyranid Codex Review Part 1 – FTN


GW is firing away with the new Tyranid Codex. We run down the first part of the book and like what we see.

Eldar are Back: Big Point Changes and More Efficient – FTN


Codex Eldar is up for pre-order right now and we are here to talk about the lean mean Craftworld fighting machine!

40K Meta, Shadespire & Total War Ohh My: FTN

This week we talk about the upcoming Shadespire, Total War: Warhammer II and the current 40k meta.

What's New