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Forge World: More Heresy Kits Get The Axe

The Horus Heresy upgrades packs were the first to go. Now another batch of Heresy-era Weapon options are going “Last Chance To Buy” – pick them up before they hit the chopping block.

BREAKING: Forgeworld New Horus Heresy & 40K Minis

A lot of new minis (and not so minis) just got unveiled. Get ready 40K and Horus Heresy fans.

30K: The ‘End Times’ of The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy, aka Warhammer 30K, has had a long run…but is Games Workshop pulling the plug on Heresy-Era gaming?

Forge World: Telemon Heavy Dreadnought Beta Rules Available

Get ready for a blast from the Heresy-era – the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought now has Beta Rules for Warhammer 40,000. I hope you like your dreadnoughts beefy!

GW: Warhammer Citadel Will Stock Forge World

North American Fans of Forge World, rejoice! We will finally be able to score that sweet, sweet Forge World resin from a store in the US. The Warhammer Citadel will carry a stock of Forge World products and you can pick-up orders there, too.

FW: Warhammer Fest Exclusive Miniatures

Forge World will have quite the spread of miniatures at Warhammer Fest and a few are so rare you can only get them at the event.

FW: Space Marine Upgrade Packs Go Last Chance To Buy

The Space Marine Upgrade Packs are all heading to the dreaded “Last Chance To Buy” section on Forge World’s page. If you’ve been wanting to create a Horus Heresy Era Legion with the Forge World bits, this could be your last chance to get in on the action.

FW: Coming Soon – Blood Bowl Bugman & Alpharius

Forge World is teasing some of the new products that will be first available at Warhammer Fest 2018! Josef Bugman, legendary dwarf brewer and Blood Bowl All-star is coming. Plus its the first chance to snag Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion!

FW: New Necromunda ‘Hired Guns’ Pre-Orders Available

Necromunda is getting a few Mercs from Forge World this weekend – plus the Goliath Weapon Pack is available for Pre-Order. If you’ve got the creds, you can get the firepower!

FW Preview: House Orlock Hired Gun & Cyber-Mastiff

Forge World is letting the dogs out with the latest Hire Gun for Necromunda. It’s a House Orlock Merc and he’s bringing a faithful friend along for the bounty. I just hope you packed some Scooby Snacks for this four-legged fiend!

HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #158

  This week it is Genestealer cult, a wip custom GUO and another INQ28 batrep!

FW: Lernaean Terminators Inbound For Alpha Legion

Forge World has a new batch of miniatures coming for the Alpha Legion and they are ready to smash into the enemies lines with brutal efficiency.

What's New