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FW: The Mûmak Marches To War

It’s time to say “Howdah Yah Do” to the latest pre-order from Forge World. Ride on the back of a warbeast unlike any other with the arrival of the Mûmak!

FW: ‘Alpharius’ – The Next Primarch For The Horus Heresy

Forge World is teasing the next Primarch for the Horus Heresy series. The Alpha Legion is getting “the one and only” Alpharius!

FW: The Assault Drill Arrives From Below

Forge World’s latest monstrousity tunnels-up – The Terrax Pattern Terminte Assault Drill is available for Pre-Orders. Get ready to pop-up and deliver death from below!

Forge World: Robo-Ambull Heading to Necromunda

Gang War III isn’t just going to bring the Van Saar back to the Tabletop. Forge World has a few designs of their own that will be (re)introduced to the game. And one of them is inspired by an ancient tunneling beast from ages past. Meet the Ambot.

FW: New Pre-Orders “Valdor Unleashed”

The Captain-General of the Legio Custodes arrives from Forge World with this weekend’s pre-orders. The Emperor’s right hand in here in all his resin glory!

FW: Gear Up Your Goliaths

Grab Goliath gear, get good guns, generate great games. Got it? Now from Forge World.

FW: The Nazgûl Nine Are Complete

The Nazgûl are here from Forge World as well as some new defenders of Lake-town!

FW: New “Retro” Land Speeder Coming Soon

Forge World is teasing the return of a new reimagined classic – Say hello to the new “Old School” Land Speeder!

FW: Escher Gang Reloads With New Weapon Packs

Looking for some more weapon options for your Escher Gang? Forge World has three new packs just for the ladies!

FW: Dig Deep With The Termite Assault Drill

Forge World is previewing a new unit for those subterranean transportation needs – the Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill!

FW: Legio Custodes Spearhead Now Available

It’s your one stop bundle for the latest Legio Custodes Models from Forge World.

FW: Necromunda Pet Preview

Nothing makes a Necromunda Gang more Official than a Mascot. That’s where the Pets come in…

What's New