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AoS: Daughters of Khaine & New Artefacts of Power in 2.0

The focus is on the Daughters of Khaine in the this preview from Games Workshop. Plus we get a tease about Realm-Specific Artefacts of Power!

AoS: Magic In The Next Edition

  The Magical scope of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has grown since the game first launched. With every new Wizard came a new spell and every Battletome brought new ways to harness the Winds of Magic. In AoS 2.0, we’re getting some tweaks to the current system as well.

40K: Warhammer World GT Drops To 1750 Points For The 2018-19 Season

Exactly what it says on the tin folks. Warhammer World has put up the announcement for the 40K GT, and here’s what’s new.

40K: Harlequin Tricks & Tricks – You Can Do What Now?

Do Reaver Titan’s have you down? Send in the clowns. You won’t believe what these guys can do.

Warhammer Adventures: Kid-Friendly Grimdark Announced

Games Workshop has announced a new book line for ‘Younger Audiences’ – Warhammer Adventures brings the action and adventure to the next generation of Warhammer Fans.

AoS: The Blood Flows With The Blades of Khorne Faction Focus

Chaos is looking like a pretty strong contender in the upcoming Age of Sigmar 2.0 update. With loads of options for different play-styles and a strong thematic element Khorne is going to enjoy this new season of war in the Mortal Realms.

AoS: Maggotkin of Nurgle In The New Edition

The Maggotkin of Nurgle, being one of the more recent battletomes, are designed in part with the new edition in mind. But even they will see some changes come Age of Sigmar 2.0.

40K: Lore of The Harlequins – Find Out What’s Inside The Codex

The Harlequin Codex is here, and that means that, in addition to all the new rules out there, waiting to clown around on the tabletop, there are also new lore bits to pore over. Here are some of the more interesting Lore Nuggets in the book.

40K Lore: Shadowseers of the Harlequins

Today Loremasters, we discuss the deceitful “psykers” of the Harlequins, if indeed they can be shown to have any psychic powers–or if, as I suspect, they are all just using hallucinogens to give the illusion of power–such deceitful treachery is, after all, the Aeldari way.

Slaanesh Is Back For AoS Second Edition

Well, at least imprisoned in a shadowy nether-realm between Ulgu and Hysh where the dark prince of pleasure is divested of all the souls he consumed in the world-that-was. But you know, that’s something.

GW: New Pre-Orders – Harlequins & Webway “Pricing & Links”

A new challenger from the Webway has appeared! The Harlequins are here and they are bringing the Webway Gate with them!

GW: Warhammer Citadel Opening Delayed

Games Workshop had to post-pone the opening of the Warhammer Citadel. That’s the bad news. Fortunately, they decided to host a Warhammer Weekend instead – and it sounds like a blast!

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