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BoLS Bonus: GCT Studios – Rise of the Kage

Today’s BoLS Bonus – is all about cool reviews, hobby tips, and other things we couldn’t quite fit in during the week.  Come on in, you never know what you’ll discover! Today’s BoLS bonus finds us taking a look at GCT Studios, the creators of BUSHIDO, and their Kickstarter: Rise of the Kage.  Let’s take […]

GCT Studio’s Bushido Pt. 2

 In Part 2, I’m going to briefly go over gameplay in Bushido.Foremost, Bushido is a skirmish game, typically played with five to ten models. Characters are the focus of the game. There are nameless rank and file troops, but army composition rules restrict you to one card of each type, and there are rarely more […]

GCT Studio’s Bushido – Getting Started Pt.1

Welcome to the Jwar Isles! Once you step into GCT Studio’s BUSHIDO, you will have a hard time leaving. I feel like it just isn’t fair to introduce a minis game in a single article. In addition to making plenty of space to show pics of the models, there are two other factors to consider, […]