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Geekery: ‘Batman Ninja’ – New Time Traveling Sneak Peek

  The anime style adventure that lands Bats in Feudal Japan is out now as a digital download. Play Station released a preview this week – check the first two minutes of the movie!

Geekery: Movies to Look Forward To This Summer

  Infinity War kicks off this year’s blockbuster season tomorrow. Check out what else you have to look forward to – beyond the superheroes there’s some good looking sci-fi, classic action movies, horror, and comedies on the schedule.

Geekery: Venom has Arrived – The Symbiote Debuts in New Trailer

  The second trailer for Sony’s Venom has been released early after being leaked by someone at CinemaCon yesterday. It shows the symbiote – and Eddie Brock – in action.

Geekery: Netflix’s ‘Anon’ – A World Without Anonymity or Crime

  Murder, brain hacking, identity, and a conspiracy are at the center of this new dystopian flick starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. Check out the new trailer.

Geekery: Don’t Call ‘Deadpool 2’ A Comeback

  Between jokes and explosions, the X-Force is formally introduced in this final trailer – including new member, Peter. Peter is going to be awesome.

Geekery: The Dinosaurs Are Coming to Eat You

  You remember when the Pteranodons flew off the island at the end of Jurassic Park 3 and Grant says that they’re looking for new nesting grounds? That idea has come to roost in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Geekery: ‘Westworld’ Creators to Adapt William Gibson’s ‘The Peripheral’

  Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have chosen their next project. They’re sticking with mind-bending sci-fi for their next series this time on Amazon.

Geekery: ‘Hotel Artemis’ is Here to Fix What Ails ‘John Wick’ Fans

  Need a fix before the third John Wick movie drops? Hotel Artemis’ crimal underworld action and amazing cast will scratch that itch.  Check out the first trailer…

Geekery: The Art of Hollywood’s Fictional Languages

  Dialect coach Erik Singer breaks down constructed languages from film and TV including multiple languages from Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

Geekery: Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham Together at Last

  The Hobbs and Shaw movie Fast & Furious fans have been asking for is becoming a reality with John Wick‘s David Leitch at the helm. Since we’re talking Statham already I’m tacking the new The MEG trailer on here, so you should come check that out too.

Geekery: The MCU Family Comes Together in ‘Infinity War’

  Only two weeks until we get to see the heroes of the MCU take on Thanos and the Black Order on the big screen. Based on the looks of the latest behind the scenes peek we’ll be seeing comedy as well as action.

Geekery: Real Life Heavy Flamer Creates a Vortex of Flames

  This DIY model has a system of fans that turn the tower of flames it shoots into a swirling tornado of fire that could take out plenty of Xenos. All it needs is a chapter appropriate paint job.

What's New