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40K Lore: Grey Knights, The Ordo Malleus

In the Grim Dark, Silver still means you’re 2nd place. Loremasters, let’s look at “Elite” of the Emperor – the Grey Knights!

40K Unit Review: Grey Knights Strike Squad

Today we bring you a review of the new 8th edition Grey Knights bread and butter troops choice, the Strike Squad! 

40K: 10 Codexes in 6 Months – GW Did It

True to their word, GW managed to knock out 10 Codexes in 6 Months. 8th Edition Keeps on Rolling.

40K Lore: The Doom of Malan’Tai

This week Loremasters, the fall of a Craftworld proves Eldar are inferior.

Can Grey Knights Win Tournaments in 8th Edition? FTN


  Andrew and Horton are back to talk about army list design. We cover the core elements of Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines World Eaters.

40K Breaking: Updated FAQs for CSMs & Grey Knights

Just in time for the new Codex to be out, a list of new FAQ clarifications and errata for our two latest codexes

40K: Grey Knight Warlord Traits Overview

Warlords – you can’t have a Battle-forged Army without one. So let’s talk about the Grey Knight Warlord Traits!

40K: Grey Knight Psychic Powers Ranked

The Grey Knights are back and they have some pretty mean Psychic Shenanigans – let’s rank’em!

Goatboy’s 40k: Dirty Dirty List Thoughts: Good Vs Evil

Goatboy here again and with two new CSM & Grey Knight books I get to brew up some nasty list ideas.

40K: Grey Knight Relics Ranked

The Grey Knights are now out and about – let’s talk about the Relics of Titan!

BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k “CSM Throwdown & Neverquest”

We have both codexes, painted armies and are taking your questions! Come play 40K with the BoLS team, then enjoy some D&D adventuring!

40K: Top 5 Favorite Grey Knight Stratagems

The Grey Knights have some pretty great Stratagems – come take a look at our top 5 favorites!

What's New