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Category: H.P. Lovecraft

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Arkham Horror TCG: The Cultist Uprising

Fantasy Flight Games upcoming ‘Return to the Night of the Zealot’ upgrade expansion is coming to bring the madness soon. With it’s release, Players will have the chance to grab some new gear. But the Investigators aren’t the only ones getting upgrades…

Arkham Horror TCG: Meet Calvin Wright, The Cursed Investigator

The Arkham Horror Files Universe is filled with unique individuals who struggle against madness. Calvin Wright is the newest investigator to join that long list and he brings a new sense of sacrifice and altruism to the investigator pool. Oh, and he’s totally Cursed.

Arkham Horror TCG: The Boundary Beyond Announced

The second Mythos Pack in the Forgotten Age Cycle has been announced – it’s time to travel to The Boundary Beyond!

FFG: New Releases – Dim Carcosa & Star Wars Legion

The final Mythos Pack for the Path to Carcosa is out in stores and Star Wars: Legion invades tabletops everywhere!

Arkham Horror TCG: Two New Investigators Enter The Jungle

Fantasy Flight Games is back with a new preview for the upcoming Forgotten Age Deluxe Expansion – Say Hi to the new guys!

Arkham Horror Novellas To Dive Into

Fantasy Flight Games is expanding their Arkham Horror Files universe with some great Lovecraftian Fiction.

Arkham Horror TCG: Tug At The “Threads of Fate”

The first Mythos Pack for Arkham Horror The Card Game Forgotten Age Cycle has been announced!

FFG: New Releases For LotR:LCG & Elder Sign

Elder Sign gets an expansion and so does Lord of the Rings – both out now!

FFG: Eldritch Horror Gets A Campaign Mode

Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep brings a new way to face oblivion with a brand new Campaign Mode!

Arkham Horror TCG: The Forgotten Age Announced

Arkham Horror: The Card Game has a new deluxe expansion on the way from Fantasy Flight Games: The Forgotten Age!

Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep Preview

Fantasy Flight Games showcases two more investigators & more the for the new Eldritch Horror Expansion!

FFG: Getting Started With Arkham Horror TCG

Arkham Horror The Card Game is a fantastic Co-op Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games – here’s how to get started!

What's New