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40K Competitive Play: All-Harlequin Lists in a GT!

  Zyekian here with the scoop after slicing and dicing Harlequins through this weekend’s CAGBash GT.  How did the Ghosts of the Webway fare?  Read on!

Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Best Formations

Goatboy here again and today I want to do a quick ranking of the best formation per Army book.

40k New Battle Report & New Website

  We are launching the new website with an exclusive battle report. It is an epic battle of Eldar and Harlequins against a Genestealer heavy Tyranid horde!

40k Tactics: The *other* Eldar

Hello again, Folks! NoName1 here to weather the anti-Eldar angst and talk about the *other* Eldar…

Dark Eldar: Trying out the Solitaire

Even though the Solitare is not the most cost-effective unit in the codex, he’s by far the coolest.  Let’s take a look at his stats really quick and see what he has to offer to the battle.

Editorial: Solving the Harlequin Problem

How to succeed with Harlequins?  That is the tough nut to crack for today.  Here’s the plan!

Codex Review: Harlequins

  Today we review Codex Harlequins from a more competitive point of view. Can the latest Eldar faction hold up on their own?

No HQ choice? – Harlequin Tips & Tactics II

No HQ Choice? No worries! Checkout some tactics for playing and allying Harlequins.

All The Special Rules? – Harlequin Tips & Tactics

Need some special rules? The Harlequins got you covered. Checkout these tactics for playing and equipping the new Harlequins!

Codex Harlequins Artwork – End of the Grimdark?

DrLove42 here to talk about one of the most outstanding (and untraditional) features of the newest codex out – the Harlequin Codex artwork.

Harlequin End Times – More Clues to 40k’s End

It’s no secret that the Black Library may be a key to the future of the 40k Universe, and now in the new Harlequin book we have a quasi-prophecy that’s troubling.

HARLEQUIN CODEX – First Look Review

Enter Stage Right. The Harlequins are here and from the looks of it, they may just shake up the 40k scene a bit.

What's New