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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: December 12th

Mechanized combat, naval warfare, and football- Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!

Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up Nov. 22nd

Shady cyberpunk slums, dueling wizards, and Victorian steampunk battleships- Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!

Wargaming Weekly 11-07-2015

The Frontline Gaming Team bring you the debut episode of wargaming weekly! 

GENCON 2013 Roundup Pt.2 – Infinity, X-Wing, DUST, Dropzone Commander

  On to part two of our Gencon coverage.  Lots of Fantastic minis in this one, from tons of your favorite companies (even GW).   Going in alphabetical order by manufacturer, we begin Part 2 with Corvus Belli Here’s that cool ne Anaconda TAG that’s been making the rounds. And a mix of some of […]

Hobby: Assembling and Painting a Heavy Gear (Heavy Gear Blitz!)

Hey, y’all, Voices here with something I haven’t done in a while: a Heavy Gear hobby article! We’re going to be assembling and painting up a Northern Hunter Gear from the recently-reviewed Heavy Gear Blitz! Two Player Starter Box, a fairly representative model of the sorts of minis used in this game.  So strap in […]

Rules Overview: Heavy Gear Blitz!

Spanky Harrison here with a brief overview of the rules for Heavy Gear Blitz!. If you like dreadnaughts, dreadknights, battlesuits, or war walkers, then this might be something you want to check out!  Dream Pod 9 has been publishing products for its Heavy Gear setting since 1994, and its only gotten better with time. The […]

Unboxing and Review: Heavy Gear Blitz Two-Player Starter Box (Heavy Gear Blitz!)

Hey, y’all, Voices here with something old that’s new again: Heavy Gear. Lets take a look at the starter boxed set. Specifically, Heavy Gear Blitz that has returned the old Heavy Gear game to tabletops. This two-player starter box is a great introduction to Heavy Gear Blitz and the world of Heavy Gear in general, […]

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