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2017 Best Metal-Resin Miniature Nominees

Time to bring out the Metal-Resin miniatures from the year and decide who’s the best!

Infinity: Druze Bayram Security Sectorial Army Announced

Let’s take a quick look at the latest Infinity army that was revealed over the weekend.

Board Games Bonanza – Aristeia In Action

Take part in the world’s premiere combat sport game. Join us as we put Aristeia! through a test drive.

Unboxing Aristeia’s Arena Action

Join the BoLS Crew as we take you through Aristeia, Corvus Belli’s new arena/skirmish game.

Aristeia Arrives – Available Anon, Pre-Order Now

The all new arena boardgame spinoff of Infinity is here. Pre-Order today, and get ready to be a star!

Neon Cityscapes Need Future Cars – New Infinity Vehicles

Spice up your cities of the future with these amazing cars, manufactured for Infinity, but suitable for any 28(ish)mm scale game.

GenCon 50: Warsenal’s New Terrain & Tokens

Warsenal has some fantastic new terrain kits and tokens available and we got an up close look at GenCon 50!

Infinity: Gen Con Minis Preview

Pre-order the Infinity Gen Con Bundles now–get exclusive miniatures and a Chibi Miyamoto Musashi.

Infinity:Two Expansion Boxes Announced

Corvus Belli just showed off the Beyond Red Veil & Icestorm packs. Take a look at Infinity’s new hotness.

New July Infinity Minis Look HOT

Check out the latest Infinity minis up for grabs for Yu Jing, Combined & Ariadna.

Corvus Belli: Aresteia Characters Revealed

An all new boardgame spinoff of Infinity is coming.  Take a look at all 8 characters & their minis!

BREAKING: Corvus Belli Aresteia Latest

An all new boardgame spinoff of Infinity is coming.  Take a look at even more characters!

What's New