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Infinity Exclusive: Tohaa 300pt Pack

There’s an all new boxed set for Infinity coming your way.  Take a look:

Infinity: Filling out the Yu Jing Red Veil Starter

Today I have some suggestions for aspiring Yu Jing players on how to expand their Red Veil starter force to 300 points.

Tabletop Gallery “Infinity Nomads”

“Hit it Infinity fans”

Infinity: New Faction D20 Dice Sets Available

Corus Belli shows off some brand new faction dice – Bring on the D20’s!

Infinity Exclusive: Taskmasters, Bakunin SWAST Team

Corvus Belli has some minis they want you BoLS readers to see first!

Infinity: Haqqislam Red Veil Starter

   Have you been eyeing that new Red Veil box thinking of grabbing the Haqqislam half? Here’s what you need to know.

Unboxing: Operation Red Veil

Come see what’s inside the new Infinity “Starter” box from Corvus Belli – It’s Operation Red Veil!

Infinity: Red Veil Yu Jing Starter

  Here’s what you need to know about all those sweet Yu Jing models in the new Infinity Red Veil set.

RECON! – Infinity N3 Skirmish Battle Report

Ash over at GMG has a great Infinity Battle Report to check out: Corregidor vs Ariadna

Infinity Batrep: Aleph vs Yu Jing

A group of well armed ninjas takes on Big Brother in this batrep.

GenCon 2016: Infinity Booth Showcase

The BoLS Crew stops by the Corvus Belli Booth for GenCon 2016 – Come see what all they had in store!

Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up August 15th

Hostage situations, pizza from the future, and adorable “cat-a-pillars”- Come check out the tabletop Kickstarters ending this week!

What's New