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The DiRT – An Explosion of Infinity Images

Images galore.   I fully admit it.  I’m copping out for this article.  This week has been a crazy rough one.  I agreed to foster 3 puppies, and the oldest one Garth needs heart surgery.  If you have a dime, please send money to Hope Animal Rescue and put Garth in the notes.  So Instead […]

Infinity – Dire Foe Profiles Released

On November 21st, Corvus Belli released the profiles for the first 3 Dire Foe packs.  How can a player use them, new rules regarding them, and what they will mean for your army list. Before we dive too far down into the topic, I quickly realized that I had a bunch of analysis that I […]

Infinity – Want to Play in an Infinity Tournament?

Corvus Belli created the ITS (Infinity Tournament System) for those that want to enjoy Infinity in a competitive format.  If you’d like to participate in an ITS what do you need to do? In a previous article by Levitas, he reviewed some of the new missions available in the ITS tournament pack and his experience […]