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Warmachine: Gastone Crosse

No one’s slick as GastoneNo one’s quick as GastoneNo one’s shoots like Gastone No one’s runs vanguards like Gastone Guest Article by JohnheV For a solo Gastone’s stats are subpar but he is not an ordinary solo, he is a junior warcaster and when he camps focus can have very respectable stats. He has the […]

Warmachine: Mastering Imperatus

An Unkillable, Remorseless Killing Machine.  Here’s how to get the most out of Ios’ dual wielding killer. Guest Article by JohnheV  Imperatus is quite possibly the most difficult single model to remove in the game. Complemented by his high damage output, Imperatus truly is a fearsome model to put on the table. Abilities Field Dependent: […]