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Tabletop Gallery “You Got Red On You”

“I have a feeling it wasn’t just pen ink.”

Unboxing: Khador Colossal Plastic Kit

The New Khador Colossal is on the way – come take a look inside the box!

Warmachine: Khador Second Looks

Take a second look at these two Khador Warcasters for Warmachine and Hordes – Old Witch & Zerkova.

Khador: Kommander Sorscha is Cold

A tried and true Sorscha has an all new look. Check this classic lady out with her new pose – and plenty of tricks.

Batrep: Dominar Rasheth vs Kommander Harkevich

Two foes of broad girth and love of red paint face off in “The Pit”.

Khador: Man-O-War Officer Stands Tall

Khador’s Shocktroopers are ready to rock with this new addition. Check out the new unit attachment – FOR THE MOTHERLAND!

GMM Showcase: For the Motherland – Khador

Today we have a Warmachine Khador army all painted up for your icy attention.

Privateer: Designing Lord Kozlov

  Take a closer look at Khador’s newest Iron Fang warcaster and he came to life!

Khador: Rager is Out-RAGE-Ous

The new Berserker combo-kit is out and the Rager is one of the jacks in it. This brand new jack for khador is out-rage-oes!

Khador: Mad Dog Packs

  The new Berserker kit is out and it brings along a new jack for Khador. Come check out our review of the new Mad Dog(s)!

Khador’s Behemoth – King of the Hill

Behemoth has a new sculpt, and even better rules. Come check out our review & tips on the best jack in the game.

Unboxing: Berserker Combo Kit

The Classic Khadorian ‘jack is back and this time it’s bringing some friends along!

What's New