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Konflikt ’47: New Soviet & English Units

These new sculpts look fantastic – check it out!

Konflikt ’47: Schwerefeldprojector and Tesla Turrets

Give your Weird World War II tanks an upgrade with these new turrets…

Tabletop Spotlight: German Starter Box – Konflikt ’47

Looking to get started with the German’s for Conflict ’47? The come take a look inside the Starter Box!

Warlord: Konflikt ’47 is a Hit!

It’s been a very successful month for the game’s creators and players.

Warlord: New Konflikt ’47 Rules PDF

Try Konflikt ’47 today with free rules!

Konflikt ’47: The Germans are Gettting Mutants

The German forces of Konflikt ’47 are getting weirder.

Try Konflikt ’47 with Free Rules

Jump in to the Konflikt now!

Konflikt ’47: M8 Grizzly Medium Assault Walker

 This armored walker is ready to take charge of any battle that comes its way!

Konflikt ’47: New German Units

Check out these great options for your German force: Heavy Infantry KF’47 and Spinne Light Panzermech Walker

Upcoming Releases for Konflikt ’47

The box sets and rulebook are available now – take a look at what’s up next!

Konflikt ’47: Designing the US Grizzly Walker

The Weird World War 2 walkers are coming!

Tabletop Spotlight: Bolt Action US Starter Army

The Tabletop Spotlight is on the US Army Starter Set for Bolt Action!

What's New