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ATTENTION! Kromlech’s New Orc Warchief is Here

Kromlech’s got a stylin’ new Orc leader just waiting to whip your army into shape!

Kromlech’s Orc Doc Biker REVVS It Up

Kromlech’s got a Orky Doc Biker you need to see.

New Orc Strurmtankette from Kromlech

Add some fire power to your Orc army with this scrappy tankette.

Kromlech: New “Sons of Thor” Doors

Kromlech has a new set of “Sons of Odin” upgrade doors for all your vehicle accessory needs!

Warlord: Konflikt ’47 Japanese and Finnish Bundles

Get ready to Finnish what the Japanese started in Konflikt ’47.

Chaos Legionary Maces – WHACK

Kromlech has some devastating new maces to add just a little more chaos to the battlefield.

Up, Up & Away with Kromlech’s Hunter Jump-pack

Get your 28mm soldiers up and in the air with Kromlech’s newest set.

New From Kromlech: This Kopta Kan Do What Immanuel Kant

Check out this Kopta Kan from Kromlech. It’s killa!

Kromlech: Orc Vehicle Crew

Get your Orcs in gear with these new crew miniatures from Kromlech.

Swoop into Battle on the Legionary Saber Jetbike

Sometimes you just have to strap yourself to a jet engine and hope for the best. Kromlech’s here to help.

Kromlech: New Imperial Books of Salvation

Dress up your 28mm wizard, psyker, sorceror, or investigator with some sexy looking gear.

Kromlech: New Legionary Heat-Ray is HOT HOT HOT

Warm up your enemies the fun way with these babies from Kromlech.

What's New