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LEGALWATCH: Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Latest

Summary Judgement is in (again)!  The over two year old case is rolling ever closer to trial, and some fireworks are going off… After both sides re-submitted their best arguments and taking the new United States Copyright Office wrinkle into account, Judge Kennelly’s updated Summary Judgement is in. MEMORANDUN OPINION AND ORDER The gist of the Copyright […]

Legalwatch: Of the Origins of the Space Marines

Bob Naismith, the man credited with designing the original Space Marine miniature for Games Workshop had a lot to say on the record about their origins…Mr Naismith was recently deposed in relation to the Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse case and the questions dealt specifically with the design and origin of that first Space Marine miniature.  You’ve going […]

LEGALWATCH: Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Latest

The over two year old case is moving forward.  Dueling requests for Summary Judgement are in and a new expert witness appears… After a slow start to the year both sides have pressed forward, re-submitting their best arguments and taking the new United States Copyright Office wrinkle into account.  The second updated set of  requests for summary judgement […]

GW: Of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Overreach

OVERREACH – transitive verb – to defeat (oneself) by seeking to do or gain too muchan editorial by Jonathan Lister Games Workshop’s reach may have exceeded its grasp… By now, everyone knows that the company tried to instigate the removal of a book by an independent author from the market because of its use of the term “Space […]

GW Legalwatch: A Tale of Three Press Releases

Sometimes the internet does more than just scream and hurl dung!  Here is how that tale of Game’s Workshop and Amazon’s takedown of an independent author’s book using the phrase “space marine” went down…First up, you should all catch up on how it all started here. OK, Within 24 hours, BBC picked up the story  […]

Legalwatch – GW Makes the News…

You just know when Games Workshop makes BOING BOING its going to be great… Friends Romans Countrymen – lend me your ears… Boing Boing take it away… “For years, there have been stories about Games Workshop being trademark bullies and sending threats to people who use the term “space marine” in connection with games. But […]

LEGALWATCH: Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Update

The two year old case is moving forward.  Both sides continue to forward their case, and new wrinkles appear. After last month’s case update, both sides have pressed forward, submitting their best arguments.  The set of initial requests for summary judgement with the Eastern Illinois District Court, submitted to Judges Kennelly and Gilbert are here. […]

LEGALWATCH: GW and Armybuilder News

New word is about regarding Wolflair (creator of Armybuilder), Games Workshop and the various Codex Datafiles. Details within. via the Wolflair forums “A few days ago, we learned that, a hosting site for Army Builder data files, has been notified by Games Workshop that all GW-related files need to be taken down. This was […]