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ToyLand: A Velociraptor Attacks in New LEGO Set

  As part of its new collection of Jurassic World sets, LEGO dug back in time and the iconic velociraptor chase from the original movie.

ToyLand: LEGO Tron Light Cycle Zooms into Stores

One of the coolest parts of the movie has an all new kit!

Geekery: LEGO – Not Just a Toy

This high school student from Spain built a prothetic limb for himself using various kits.

ToyLand: Build Your Own Hulkbuster

This new LEGO set delivers a 2 in 1 – build your own posable action figure.

ToyLand: Sweet Tron Lightcycle LEGO Kit Coming Soon

The iconic racer from Tron: Legacy is getting it’s own brick version you can add to the collection on your desk at work.

ToyLand: Transforming Voltron LEGO Kit Approved

This fan proposed kit includes fully articulated lions that join together to form the famous bot – it’s pretty dang awesome.

ToyLand: LEGO Rogue One AT-ST Review

Calling all chicken-walker fans – this kit is for you and it’s awesome!

ToyLand: Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Blast off to the Moon – this kit is a must buy for any NASA fan.

ToyLand: New Wonder Woman Lego Set

The battle for good begins with Lego! Diana Prince, Steve Trevor, and a legendary foe are featured in this set.

ToyLand: New Lego Snowspeeder

The 14 year old kit has gotten a revamp – and it’s a nice one!

The Star Wars Show “Animating K-2SO”

This week – new Star Wars Lego, Weird Al, and an interview with ILM animator Hal Hickel!

ToyLand: Dungeon Master Lego

We need to make this Lego set happen!

What's New