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40K CSMs: Are Cult Troops Worth It Anymore?

Kazzigum wrestles with a new conundrum seeping forth from the Eye of Terror.

40K: Schemes and Machinations

Behold as Kazzigum takes his first step upon the Nine-Fold Path of Change.

Thanks Santa Tzeentch!

Behold, friends, my decades of fealty have come to fruition.  This December, Chaos (especially of the Tzeentch-loving variety), sees its star ascend at last.

40K: Is Angel’s Blade Any Good?

  All the tips and tactics you need to know from the new Blood Angels supplement, Angel’s Blade, is right here – Take a look!

40K: Why Is Ahriman So Bitter?

One Gamer digs to the bottom of Ahriman’s Bitterness…

40K: Don’t Ruin My Ruinous Powers

One gamer takes a look at the insidious seeds of corruption Traitor’s Hate is sowing…

Is the New Necron FAQ Secretly OP?

  Is the new Necron FAQ secretly OP? We go over the newest 40k FAQ; Necrons, and Kenny regales us with his first ITC experience!

Top Deathwatch Rules & GWs FAQ Two-Fer!

The newest 40k FAQ is here, we have our list of the top Deathwatch Codex rules YOU should know plus Emma from Warhammer TV.

Matt Ward For President & Tyranid FAQ Breakdown

  The newest 40k FAQ is here, and Matt Ward is back. Come see our thoughts on all that and all the hot new gaming releases!

What’s Up With The New Chaos FAQ? & 2016 ATCs

The newest 40k FAQ is here, will it change Chaos for the better? Come see our thoughts on that and the 2016 40k ATC tournament.

Are Playing 40k Net Lists an Auto Win?

Does playing one of the Top Tier Net Lists for Warhammer 40k grant you God mode on the tabletop? A lot of players think so…

GW’s FAQs Who’s Really Using Them?

  Another week, another first draft 40k FAQ is here from Games Workshop. The question is who is really using them?

What's New