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40K Loremaster Quiz: How Much DO You Know?

  This one goes out to all the Warhammer 40,000 Loremasters.  It’s time to see just how good you really are!

40K: Lore of The Harlequins – Find Out What’s Inside The Codex

The Harlequin Codex is here, and that means that, in addition to all the new rules out there, waiting to clown around on the tabletop, there are also new lore bits to pore over. Here are some of the more interesting Lore Nuggets in the book.

40K Lore: Shadowseers of the Harlequins

Today Loremasters, we discuss the deceitful “psykers” of the Harlequins, if indeed they can be shown to have any psychic powers–or if, as I suspect, they are all just using hallucinogens to give the illusion of power–such deceitful treachery is, after all, the Aeldari way.

40K Loremasters: Arhra, the Fallen Phoenix

Today we look at one of the dark mysteries of the Aeldari – The Lost Phoenix Lord, The Father of Scorpions – Arhra.

D&D: Riddle of the Immortal Fortress Update – The Solution Is At Hand

  If you have been following the ongoing mystery surrounding the next adventure from Dungeons and Dragons, where Elminster has sent an agent of his (almost certainly Volo) into the real world in search of an artifact. Since then, clues have been popping up pointing towards a final mystery…

BREAKING: Gotrek’s Alive?! DIIIIVE!

That’s right folks. Hot off the Warhammer Fest floor: Gotrek the Slayer is getting an audio tale… and the voice of the legendary slayer is none other than Brian Blessed!

D&D: Check out Zariel from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

  We’ve got Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes–you can expect a full review soon, but for now, check out Zariel, Archdevil, and ruler of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. She is one of the many powerful foes you’ll find within.

Codex Deathwatch: Eye Opening 40K Developments

  Codex Deathwatch has a lot of 40K lore, and fluff reveals that offer hints of 40K’s future.

Malign Portents: A Web Of Heroes And Destiny

Resting high atop a silver tower, one of the Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch observes the twisting tapestry of fate. Plucking at the strands of destiny like a musician with a lute, the Summoner plays a tune that heralds great change for the mortal realms.

40K Loremaster: The Conflicting Origins of the Deathwatch

  The bane of all xenos is the Deathwatch – but the organization’s origin is shrouded in mystery.

GW Grognard: It Only Took 15 Years to Right a Chaotic Injustice

Today we talk about a wrong against the Ruinous Powers from long ago, and how GW made it right.

40K: Deathwatch – Bearers of Bad News

The Deathwatch have more than a few instances in their codex where things go sideways for them…and they don’t always bounce back. We’ve also got some lore hints of what else is on the horizon as well.

What's New