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40K: Top 5 ‘Other’ Orks We Want Rules For

When it comes to Ork characters, we all know the “Big Names” will be in the book. But there are a ton of awesome Ork characters out there that we’d love to see get rules in the new codex. So we went through the list and came up with 5 Orks we want to see […]

Idoneth Deepkin: The Isharann – Characters From The Deep

The Idoneth Deepkin are rising from the Aethersea and their leaders are under the spotlight today from Games Workshop. Come and meet the Isharann!

AoS Malign Portents: Lost Memories & Mer-Murder

The Stormcast Eternals encounter the Idoneth Deepkin in the latest story from the Malign Portents. Be careful of the mists or you might find yourself lost and surrounded…

Black Library: Coming In July

Black Library has a new batch of stories on the way for July – time to plan your summer reading schedule now!

40K Lore: Kneel Before the Despoiler

Loremasters, today we delve deep into the dread leader of the Traitor Legionaries – arch heretic Ezekyle Abaddon.

40K Lore: Wych Cults of the Drukhari

Wych Cults are bloodthirsty cabals (bot not kabals) of gladiatorial fighters. With a lust for combat, and particular skill in entertaining the masses with their violent displays of martial prowess and daring jetbike races, the Hekatarii help keep the appetites of the Drukhari sated.

40K Lore: The Haemonculi Covens

Loremasters, today we delve deep into the twisted Dark City of Commorragh to learn of the Haemonculi Covens. Steel yourself for they have such sights to show you.

AoS: The Dead Return In ‘Descent’

Games Workshop is bringing the Idoneth Deepkin into the Mortal Realms and to go along with their arrival, we’re getting a tease as to what has stirred them to action after being hidden for so long.

D&D: What’s Kraken? Oh Just Some Monster Lore

The Kraken occupies a place of legend in the D&D Multiverse. With roots in myth and mystery, the Kraken stretches its tentacles and influence out across the world–come see what Mike Mearls has to divulge about this mysterious monster from the briny deeps.

Malign Portents: The Idoneth Deepkin Are Hungry

The Idoneth Deepkin are blighted soul-starved Aelves who, when they cannot survive on their own, must take the souls of other mortals in order to use them to sustain themselves. Like a monster from the deeps, they strike unseen, leaving nothing but terror in their wake.

AoS: Idoneth Deepkin – The Eidolons of Mathlann

The April White Dwarf is making the rounds and there is some new information floating around about the arrival of the Idoneth Deepkin. The First Enclave created by Telics using the “soul-releasing” on the Chaos God Slaanesh led to some surprising results.

D&D Stands For Dwarves & Duergar

Dwarves and Duergar have an interesting spot in D&D lore–they embody craft and greed. And with Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes shining a spotlight on these creatures, Mike Mearls has a lot to say about where they fit into the world.

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