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Geekery: Wonder Woman Looks Promising

Gal Gadot takes out bad guys with the Sword of Athena and is generally a badass in this new trailer.

Editorial: Kickstart My Heart

Hey, have you seen this really cool game that’s up on Kickstarter right now?  Whaddya mean, ”What’s Kickstarter??”

Tabletop Gallery 3-14-2016 “Mars Attacks the Grimdark”

  Can you guess what army they were “a counts-as” for?

GenCon 2015: Mantic Games Roundup

  The Whirlwind BoLS Tour of GenCon 2015 continues with Mantic Games showing off the goods coming to a table-top near YOU!

MARS ATTACKS: Extermination & World War First Look

Mantic has really opened up MARS ATTACKS into a full wargame with two new expansions.  Lets take a look!

MARS ATTACKS: Now a Full-Fledged Wargame!

    In only a year after the Kickstarter ended, MARS ATTACKS gets an all new expansion ruleset, and full army construction rules – let the battles begin!

RUN!!! ENORMOUS Martian Robot Emerges!

Stomping in fresh from the red sands of Mars, the boys in Nottingham* have something BIG to show you!

The Growth of Mantic Games

  In about five years, Mantic Games have really exploded into the tabletop gaming hobby.  They’ve come a long way from “niche alternative fantasy army miniatures manufacturer” to today being a hobby gaming company with six major games across three gaming universes.

BoLS Bonus: Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game

Today we take you through Mantic Games’s Mars Attacks miniatures game. The Invasion has begun! ManticGames kicked off this one with a Kickstarter in November of last year and it shipped out earlier this year and is now on store shelves.  AdamHarry opens the box up and shows you everything you need to launch your […]

BoLS Bonus: Mars Attacks by SJG

Today BoLS reviews Mars Attacks: the Dice Game from Steve Jackson Games. Come check out the ACK-ACK action!Take it away AdamHarry! Let’s crack open the box… …and play a game with our BoLS buddies! Steve Jackson GamesGame Design by Philip Reed and Sam Mitschke Contents: 10 dice, 24 player tokens, first-player marker, 30 cards, and […]

Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game Ships in Fall!

Mantic has gotten their Kickstarter out the door and it is coming to retailers in just a few weeks: Take it away Mantic: Only in Mars Attacks can you take command of a bunch of Martians to chase down and slaughter humans, avoid flying cars hurled by giant robots, engage in heroic battles with a […]

Mars Attacks – Down to the Wire!

It is the last three days of Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game on Kickstarter and Mantic have brought out the big bugs in its quest to reach $500,000 before Sunday’s closing point. Mars Attacks Kickstarter They’ve also put together this neat 1-click $150 The Invaders Arrive pledge level. The Invaders Arrive 1-click pledge has […]

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