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Geekery: ‘Batman Ninja’ – New Time Traveling Sneak Peek

  The anime style adventure that lands Bats in Feudal Japan is out now as a digital download. Play Station released a preview this week – check the first two minutes of the movie!

ToyLand: New Iron Spider Fig from Sideshow

  This 1:6th scale fig features Peter’s new, high tech suit that debuts in theaters across the globe tomorrow. It’s ready to spring into action with nearly 30 points of articulation and fight Thanos with web-shooters and golden pincers.

Tabletop Spotlight: Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm

We’ve all had those arguments of who would win between this hero and that hero. Finally settle those disputes in the Battlerealm!

Geekery: Venom has Arrived – The Symbiote Debuts in New Trailer

  The second trailer for Sony’s Venom has been released early after being leaked by someone at CinemaCon yesterday. It shows the symbiote – and Eddie Brock – in action.

Deepkin Wave 2, Necromunda, D&D Classics, Cryx, Hellboy & Groot!

  This weekend was busy gamers. We have Idoneth Keepkin Wave 2, Necromunda imminent, a D&D classic returns, Cryx pirates, Hellboy & I AM GROOT!

ToyLand: It Would be a Mis-Stake To Miss Out on this New Blade Fig

  This 1:12 scale Blade comes with everything needed to take down a coven of vampires – including his signature trench, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and a pair of fangs.

Geekery: Don’t Call ‘Deadpool 2’ A Comeback

  Between jokes and explosions, the X-Force is formally introduced in this final trailer – including new member, Peter. Peter is going to be awesome.

Toyland: This 1/4 Scale Infinity Gauntlet Got Hit By The Reality Gem

Or maybe Hot Toys must have got their hands on some Pym Particles and shrunk it down for us.

Geekery: The MCU Family Comes Together in ‘Infinity War’

  Only two weeks until we get to see the heroes of the MCU take on Thanos and the Black Order on the big screen. Based on the looks of the latest behind the scenes peek we’ll be seeing comedy as well as action.

ToyLand: Gentle Giant Proves Not all Heroes Have to be Gritty

 Gentle Giants’ new line, Mini Heroes, reduces the scale and price point of their fun Animated Marvel hero statues. If you really wanted one for your collection, but couldn’t justify the price tag – these cute, little maquettes are for you.

‘Thanos Rising’ Brings The Infinity War Into Your Very Own Home

Defeat Thanos in his galactic conquest, hopefully without any warping of reality, but that’s up to you and your teammates.

ToyLand: Spider-Man Takes on Venom in New Fig

This new 17″ tall fig from Side Show features Miles Morales leaping over the open jaws of Ultimate Venom, as the malicious symbiote tries to take a bite out of him.

What's New